Concert @ Árok party 2019


Time: augusztus 03, 2019 20:00PM
Location: 8400 Ajka, Bródy I. str. 2 - Bánki Donát Secondary and Students Hostel
Event Type: Concert
Organized By: Árok Party

About Tour

After some intermission, we have charged our energy cells to play again with full dynamics and bursting retrofire.
This summer, we’re gonna’ scorch at Arok Party, the most emblematic 8-bit demoscene party with the longest history and proven track record in Hungary, emerged and nourished by respect, adoration and creativity towards the 8-bit era, technology and sentience. So if you’re a retro warrior, tech maniac, SID-crazy or just simply love anything 8-bit, this is the place where you can re-fill your memories and surely get awesome new ones.
So check your power supplies, get your machines ready and take the Road of Retrospectivity right down to Ajka. We’re gonna’ meet there.
‘Warning! SID-Zone: Impact Imminent!’