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SIDNIFY is a Hungarian SID / 8 bit ElectRock band formed in 2015. Their music utilizes 8 bit sounds and electronic samples combined with synth tunes, live guitar and keyboards. This fusion empowered by their love for the C64 era and melodic chiptunes allied by commitment to video games from a wide scale of ports (C64, NES, SNES, SEGA, PC-DOS) jointly paved the way for their musical style and melodic trademark. Among their music many covers of well-known video game tracks can be found which have been given sound on various gamer and demoscene events so far. SIDNIFY concerts consist of pure video game music adoration, blasting SID-rock and bursting synth-storm with background visual reinforcement and a very friendly atmosphere.


Sampler, Synth

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Guitar, Synth

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